João became a journalist in 1992. He began 22 years ago as an intern at Lusitano, a newspaper dedicated to Portuguese communities around the world, while attending a degree in Social Communication at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (completed in 1993) and a bachelor of Solicitor at the Center for Judicial Studies (completed in 1992). After six months at Lusitano and six other months in the Lisbon’s delegation of weekly economic newspaper Vida Económica, he joined the Economy desk os VISÂO, where he built much of his career. First as a journalist and later - from 2002 to 2013 - as editor. He had also an enriching experience of three years working in the public television. He edited, coordinated and signed several journalistic reports when in the series Portugalmente (a TV journalistic show recognized by critics, the general and specialized press and nominated for several awards of television journalism, including the portuguese Golden Globes). In this perior João was also in the lead of Juízo Final, another TV journalistic show also in public television. Both show were aired between 1998 and 2000. In the beginning of internet massification João signed a weekly column on the topic at Newsmagazine VISÃO and more recently he helped Ricardo Fonseca coordinating VISÃO’s iPad edition. In addition to economic issues, he has written dozens of articles about music, surfing, technology and gadgets. In 2011 João attended a journalism advanced course for mid-career professionals at Georgetown University, in Washington DC, USA, and that’s when he decided he wanted to delve into the new digital storytelling world. When not working he enjoys surfing with friends and specially with his twin sons - he has also a daughter born in late 2013. She doesn’t surf... yet! Besides surfing João does other activities as often as he can: skateboarding, running, tennis and golf . When the night falls and the moon is high sometimes he becomes a DJ playing in some os Lisbon’s nightclubs and in several friend’s parties.


Ricardo began his journalistic career in 1998 when he joined Newsmagazine VISÃO’s newsroom. For 15 years he signed several national and international news reports covering various topics but always with special focus on investigative journalism. In 2007, under a program developed by Impresa Group (owner of VISÃO and other magazines, newspapers and TV channels) Ricardo was invited to work for a several months at SIC (Impresa’s TV station). During this period he produced several television reports, including three big reports that were awarded with prizes. It was at this stage that he awakened to the fascinating world of multimedia journalism deepening he’s knowledge about this in the following years acquiring expertise in new digital languages. In 2010 he was chosen by the direction of VISÃO to launch and coordinate the magazine’s digital edition for tablets. The app was named as one of the top 10 in the world in news applications by McPheters & Company. At that time Ricardo developed several journalistic works with a storytelling record and a pioneering approach in the the way information and stories were presented to readers. The passion for storytelling led him to London where he did some training in the cinematic narratives and new digital languages domains. He returned to Portugal even more convinced of the potential of these tools. The enthusiasm is shared by his friend João Paulo Vieira with whom Ricardo created B. creative media.